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This is just a seed page to start any threads about ALSA based apps. For now, just throw any notes anywhere and they will get organised eventually, or, by all means, get down and seriously add some pages if you feel so inclined. Here's a link to the apps section of the official ALSA webpage:

Here's a link to the apps section of the jack website [might be of interest]:



See ardour.


See jack.


See muse.


See ltsb.


Hydrogen is a pattern based drum sequencer

How do you get Hydrogen to sync to ardour?

In the hydrogen preferences, audio driver, select "jack", and check "jack transport slave". Then click the play button and note that it isn't playing, then in Ardour, record-enable some tracks, click record, click play, and note that hydrogen starts playing instantly. Paul Winkler (from linux-audio-users)


LinuxSampler is a SoundFont (DLS2) and GigaSampler compatible softsynth only available via CVS at this stage. See the LinuxSampler page for more details.


MidiComp is a SMF MIDI disassembler/compiler which will convert a MIDI file into plain text and also convert that plain text version back into a playable MIDI file. Not strictly an ALSA app but uses ALSA to hear the results.


Rosegarden is both a musical notation editor and a MIDI sequencer. One of Rosegarden's major features is that musical notation is created automatically when you play a MIDI keyboard connected to your PC's soundcard.


RTSynth a MIDI-event-triggered real-time synth

  1. start RTsynth.
  2. check the client/port ids via aconnect

   % aconnect -o
   client 128: 'RTSynth v1.9.2 synthesizer' [type=user]
       0 'RTSynth         '
  1. load the patch from Examples directory.
  2. turn on the power button of rtsynth.
  3. play MIDI, e.g. via pmidi with the ids found above

   % pmidi -p 128:0 foo.wav


TiMidity is a soft synth that uses Gravis GusPatches and SoundFonts


WildMidi is a soft synth that uses the same configs and patches as Timidity


XMMS has an alsa plugin. Configuring XMMS with alsa for digital output (spdif): In xmms, Options -> Preferences (Ctrl P) select the tab Audio I/O Plugins, and in the box Output Plugin select the ALSA 1.2.8 output plugin [] and press the Configure button. In the ALSA Driver configuration, Click the checkbox "[x] User defined:", and enter spdif instead of default. Leave the Mixer card: set to "0", and Mixer device: set to "PCM". This will select the digital output for the soundcard, and now xmms will send the output to alsa's digital output. For some unknown reason, "mono" tracks don't play. Only "stereo" tracks work at the moment.

Other applications?

More hints for other applications ?

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