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2013-08-27 - Minor Updates To BS3 Template

Mark Constable: Some minor updates to the index.php script and it's Bootstrap 3 (final) template. Just a reminder that if anyone can help out with managing these pages via Github then I'd really appreciate it as there is plenty of "low hanging fruit" to pick from. Chose any Markdown file in lib/md and clean it up a little. View the source of Edirol_UA-25EX to get an idea how the layout should look as its had the most amount of work on it to date. Create your own User:you page and leave a note here for posterity if you care to.

I just discovered that if full canonical links are used then the Markdown rendered pages at Github will obviously still point back to this site! So this link,, should point to this file at Github no matter which site the link is actually clicked on. And let's try a direct edit page link at Github for anyone who happens to have write perms.

2013-08-11 - Content Source

Mark Constable: The contents of this "wiki" is now at Github and has been crudely converted to Markdown format. If you have a Github account then feel free to fork the project and send a pull request with any updates or new pages. The main repo is at so any issues or ideas can be added to the Github issue tracker or email the site admin directly at [email protected].