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2013-08-27 - Mobile Friendly Bootstrap

Mark Constable: I am so impressed with the latest Bootstrap 3 template in how it can readjust itself to a small mobile sized device. Try reducing your browser width to about what a mobile phone would be a take note how the page elements change to suit the smaller screen. Wonderful stuff.

2013-08-11 - Conversion to Markdown at Github

Mark Constable: This is a crude re-rendering of the MediaWiki contents using Markdown formatted files and Github for project and user management. The content is rough and just a first mechanical cut at conversion from the original MediaWiki format.

The previous wiki was plagued with spam and I was sick of not understanding MediaWiki well enough to manage the right plugins to combat spam. It was a mess with new user signups mostly disabled and I had long ago decided to migrate the wiki to some kind of Git based management system. A recent server crash focussed my attention after discovering (for a second time) that the older MySQL database format would not work with a more recent version so rather than mess around with incomaptible MySQL versions I may as well mess around with a Git based Markdwn system instead. After an initial start at the beginning of 2013 I finally have something that seems to work but now needs a lot of manual TLC on each page to get them into reasonable shape.