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Well a logicial next step after creating and using the AlsaBuild shell script is to provide a less than 3 Mb tarball for those who do not want to download 30 plus Mb of kernel source and ALSA CVS. This is not meant to be a binary kernel to suit everyone but it does have some essential options already selected. There is no guarantee or warranty so use at your own risk.

This 2.4 stable kernel is built for a PIII CPU and a ne2k-pci ethernet card driver plus a few common garden variety eth cards as modules, generic SCSI and just the basic soundcore module with no extra OSS audio options. It does include a bootable devfs, builtin RTC (real time clock), netfiltering modules to secure your audio workstation and the EXT3 journalling file system. Check AlsaBuildConfig for the full story on what is or is not included but this one definately includes the PREEMPT low latency kernel option. The basic kernel components are...

preempt-kernel-rml-2.4.19-rc5-ac1-1.patch (2.8Mb)

Please add any further notes or suggestions here below. I will attempt to keep this binary tarball uptodate whenever a new point release of the stable kernel is made. - Mark Constable 20020714


Here is an /etc/lilo.conf to suit the above kernel build. It relies on a the default kernel argument of make bzlilo which moves /vmlinuz to /vmlinuz.old and places the freshly built kernel image to /vmlinuz (not in /boot/vmlinuz-"version" like various distributions). This config presumes your boot partition is /dev/hda5 or the first logical (not primary) partition. Comment out the "append" line as I happen to have two el-cheapo NE20000 clone eth cards, left as an example, along with the last 3 commented lines for a mulitboot windoze partition. - Mark Constable 20020713

append="ether=0,0,eth0 ether=0,0,eth1 idebus=66"

label = Linux

label = Linux.old

# label=win98
# table=/dev/hda

prepkernel script

This small script creates links from the standard /usr/include area for the main kernel includes files. Some distributions provide kernel headers in /usr/include/linux but they become out of date with a freshly downloaded kernel, which could also be patched, so to ensure other applications and libraries use the current kernel headers we link the below include directories directly into the kernel source tree. I call this script /usr/local/sbin/prepkernel on my system and use it after my libc6 development package is updated. Modified for kernel version 2.4.19. - Mark Constable 20020805


cd /usr/include

[ -d linux.old ] && rm -rf linux.old
[ -d asm.old ] && rm -rf asm.old
[ -d scsi.old ] && rm -rf scsi.old

mv linux linux.old
mv asm asm.old
mv scsi scsi.old

cp -R ../../usr/src/linux-2.4.19/include/linux linux
cp -R ../../usr/src/linux-2.4.19/include/asm-i386 asm
cp -R ../../usr/src/linux-2.4.19/include/scsi scsi

Don't use Symbolic link of header directory but copy it.

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