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A seed page until someone adds some real info.


   % alsaplayer --help

   Usage: alsaplayer [options] [filename <filename> ...]

   Available options:

     -c,--config file        use given config file for this session
     -h,--help               print this help message
     -i,--interface iface    use specific interface [default=gtk]. choices:
                             [ text | gtk ]
     -I,--script file        script to pass to interface plugin
     -n,--session n          use this session id [default=0]
     -l,--startvolume vol    start with this volume [default=1.0]
     -p,--path path          set the path alsaplayer looks for add-ons
     -q,--quiet              quiet operation. less output
     -s,--session-name name  name this session "name"
     -v,--version            print version of this program
     --verbose               be verbose about the output
     --nosave                do not save playlist content at exit

   Player control (use -n to select a session other than the default):

     -e,--enqueue file(s)  queue files in running alsaplayer
     -E,--replace file(s)  clears and queues files in running alsaplayer
     --status              get some information about session
     --volume vol          set software volume [0.0-1.0]
     --start               start playing
     --stop                stop playing
     --pause               pause/unpause playing
     --prev                jump to previous track
     --next                jump to next track
     --seek second         jump to specified second in current track
     --relative second     jump second seconds from current position
     --speed speed         floating point speed parameter
       1.0 = normal speed, -1.0 normal speed backwards
     --jump track          jump to specified playlist track
     --clear               clear whole playlist
     --quit                quit session

   Sound driver options:

     -d,--device string    select specific device in output plugin
       for the ALSA plugin: [default="default"]
       for the JACK plugin: [default="alsa_pcm:playback_1,alsa_pcm:playback_2"]
     -f,--fragsize n       fragment size in bytes [default=4096]
     -F,--frequency n      output frequency in Hz [default=44100]
     -g,--fragcount n      fragment count [default=8]
     -r,--realtime         enable realtime scheduling (with proper rights)
     -o,--output output    use specific output driver [default=alsa]. choices:
                           [ alsa | null ]

   Experimental options:

     -S,--loopsong         loop file
     -P,--looplist         loop playlist
     -x,--crossfade        crossfade playlist entries

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