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This is a seed page to encourage anyone to add any information about one of the most important linux based audio tools.


A LAU mailing-list user wanted to up-sample his 44.1Khtz session files to 48Khtz and made these observations: I used Erik de Castro Lopo's sndfile-resample from However when I started ardour again and played the song, at the beginning of each inserted WAV the sound was muted (as if it was clipped). It is an ardour problem because with rezound I checked that the files were perfectly upsampled. Finally, in ardour, I had to trim some WAVS at the beginning and everything was solved. Weird but it worked. Here is the script I executed in the "sounds" folder of ardour's session to upsample my WAVS to 48k. Hope it is useful for somebody. Warning: don't use it without making a copy of the ardour's session first.

if [ "$1" = "" ]; then
echo "All wav files will be overwritten & upsampled at ${RATE}Hz"
echo "be careful. Press Enter to continue..."

for file in *.wav; do
    echo "Upsampling to ${RATE}Hz $file..."
    sndfile-resample -to $RATE "$file" "$file.tmp"
    mv "$file.tmp" "$file"


JanDepner wrote on the LAU mailing-list:

Do you want to use multiband compression on a single track or on the mix? If you want to use it on the mix just run Ardour's master bus out to JAMin and then back into a new stereo track.

Speaking of jamin and compression, what are some good books that would teach a person what these tools are for? Preferably it would be more than a ProTools book and more of a general recording/mixing techniques book. I am brand new to the idea of recording so I am pretty lost when it comes to using any of this stuff for more than the very basics. I tried using some compression and noise gates in one of my recordings and just broke stuff. I don't understand things like "write,play,touch" in the menus so I can't really use any of it effectively.

I don't understand touch either  ;-) To use the other two just set to 'write' mode, play the track, adjust gain/pan to taste, stop, set to 'play' mode, rewind and play. That's it. For effects, Harmony Central effects resources is a good place to start.

Reuben Martin added a comment about "touch":

It's just a different way of setting up automation. It's sort of like the "touch" command from the CLI. It inserts a control point at the current location without actually changing it's current value.

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