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asfxload loads a soundfont onto ALSA's Emux wavetable. The old version sfxload works only with ALSA's OSS emulation. See the SoundfontHandling page for details of how to use soundfonts.\~iwai/awedrv.html#Utils

asfxload -- load SoundFont on ALSA Emux WaveTable
   ver.0.5.0  copyright (c) 1996-2003 by Takashi Iwai
usage:  asfxload [-options] [soundfont[.sf2|.sbk|.bnk]]

 -D, --hwdep=name        specify the hwdep name
 -i, --clear[=bool]       clear all samples
 -x, --remove[=bool]      remove additional samples
 -N, --increment[=bool]   incremental loading
 -b, --bank=number        append font to the specified bank
 -l, --lock[=bool]        lock the loading fonts
 -C, --compat[=bool]      use v0.4.2 compatible sounds
 -A, --sense=digit        (compat) set attenuation sensitivity (default=10)
 -a, --atten=digit        (compat) set default attenuattion (default=31)
 -d, --decay=scale        (compat) set decay time scale (default=50)
 -M, --memory[=bool]      display available memory on DRAM
 -B, --addblank[=bool]    add 12 words blank loop on each sample
 -c, --chorus=percent     set chorus effect (0-100)
 -r, --reverb=percent     set reverb effect (0-100)
 -V, --volume=percent     set total volume (0-100) (default=70)
 -L, --extract=preset/bank/note
                          do partial loading
 -P, --path=dir           set SoundFont file search path

If you get the error "No Emux synth hwdep device is found" it is supposed to mean that your driver version is too old. I got this with kernel 2.6.2 and I am now upgrading to kernel 2.6.4, hoping that they upgraded the ALSA driver. I got the same error with 2.6.5-mm5 and ALSA built-in. I recompiled the kernel to include ALSA as modules and then I just had to modprobe emu10k1-synth to make everything work. -- tachyon


I'm using a 2.6.x kernel and the following line in /etc/modprobe.d/local loads the 8mbgmsfx.sf2 SoundFont automatically when the module is loaded:

install snd-emu10k1-synth /sbin/modprobe \
--ignore-install snd_emu10k1_synth;/usr/bin/asfxload 8mbgmsfx

Of cource you can load it manually instead:

/usr/bin/asfxload 8mbgmsfx

In Debian (Sarge), asfxload searches for sound fonts in:

-- MikaelMagnusson

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