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General information

The following cards use the ALSA snd-audigyls driver. It uses a P17 Chip: CA0106-DAT. Note: With ALSA 1.0.8, snd-audigyls module is being replaced by snd-ca0106, see below for further information. It has been tested, and can do Analog output on the SB Live 24. Currently Mic input and SPDIF in/out do not work on the SB Live 24. For those interested, it is called the ca0106 driver because that is the name printed on the big chip on the cards. The driver for the Audigy LS/live24bit is now included in alsa-driver 1.0.8.

To build it, use:

./configure --with-cards=ca0106

Development information

WARNING: The Audigy LS is a very basic sound card. It has no hardware mixer, no DSP, and no interpolators. (Well not totally true, but I have only just received the Datasheets under NDA, so how was I supposed to know before! I will be implementing support for some extra features now that I know about them, when I get a moment. For example: The sound card does in fact have interpolators.)

Development of the ca0106 driver is done with a Model:SB0310 and a Model:SB0410. We understand that an Audigy LS exists with Model:SB0312, and we would like to know what the differences are. lspci -vn will help us. More information regarding the CA0106 driver that might be interesting to developers is available from:\~james/alsa-driver/

Other information

A good creative sound card identification list is here:

snd-audigyls discussion in the ALSA mailing list (probably obsolete now)

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