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C-Media CMI8738

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The CMI8738 is one of the C-Media cards supported by the cmipci ALSA module.


Initial Setup

Before plugging speakers into the card, check the Master volume control is at a reasonable level, but not at maximum (you might damage your speakers, or worse, your ears).

Also check the following controls are unmuted (and set to reasonable levels):


The following is a partial list (it ignores Capture controls):

The Master control on this card is purely a volume control (it has no 'mute' switch).

Troubleshooting Hints

No Sound from Analog Speakers

If you hear no sound when using this card with analog speakers/earphones, try switching off the following:

These can be switched off using alsamixer, amixer or other available mixers. (Tested using Debian 4.0r6, alsamixer v1.0.13 and headphones connected to the SPK jack socket.)

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