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The ThinkPad600 can use this driver. Probably other ThinkPads can as well.

Module options

modprobe snd-cs4236 isapnp=0 cport=0xf00 dma1=1 dma2=0 fm_port=0x220 port=0x530 mpu_port=0x388 mpu_irq=9

after that:

modprobe snd-pcm-oss

note: this works for me on a HP2100 Omnibook (PII 233), kernel 2.4.19 and alsa 0.9.0rc6. You may need to modify some values. dmesg should give you a clue. I've seen things like cport=0x120, port=0x534, mpu_port=0x300 ... For a HP4100 Omnibook,I found the first set of values works, provided I set the sound card to "Enabled" rather than "Auto" in the BIOS setup.

note: In an old Dell GX1, I need to disable ACPI from the BIOS in order to have ALSA to work. Don't know why? (using ALSA 0.9.6 Linux 2.4.20r7 gentoo) However, I don't need to specify any option in snd-cs4236 and also I don't need to use isapnp.

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