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This is the new Dell model of SB Live! According to the Creative Open Source page. The Dell CT0200 -- The new Live 5.1 card from Dell (CT0200) is not based on the EMU10K1 chip, so the EMU10K1 driver available at SourceForge won't work with it. The snd-((emu10k1)) ALSA module does not work either. Since ALSA 1.0.5, a new driver module snd-emu10k1x is introduced to support this different model.

Discussion on the ALSA mailing list regarding this new driver[email protected]/msg12497.html

This is new stuff, so confirmation from Dell SB Live! users required:[email protected]/msg13912.html

MIDI support

From the ALSA 1.0.6 changelog, MIDI support on the Dell model (EMU10k1X) is now available:

    - added capture support
    - added S/PDIF support (untested)
    - fixed interrupt bug when playing multiple channels
    - split channels into separate PCMs
    - documented some of the registers
    - added support for more periods (up to 512 for playback)
    - formatting clean up
    - MIDI support
    - voice clean up
    - delayed interrupt enable/disable
    - playback/capture constraints added
    - fixed max number of periods

You can try sfxload to load soundfont and see if hardware MIDI works for this card. The SB Live! MIDI How-To would help here. Also, see the MIDI section of snd-emu10k1 driver for more detail.

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