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Gadget Labs is a company that made sound cards at the end of the 1990s. They made "prosumer" quality cards. Similar performance to professional equipment with a lower price.

Founded by some ex-Intel people, they were never too keen on Linux and open source.

Not suprisingly, the company has since gone out of business. Some source code for beta Windows drivers has been found. See the Gadget Labs user group page at (Warning for the aesthetically squeamish: bright colors and animated GIFS on a black background!)

I have written an Alsa driver for my Gadget Labs sound card.

The information I've gathered is on:\~markrages/static/projects/gadgetlabs.php3

I had some stuff on my personal Wiki about WritingAnAlsaDriver. I'll move it here where it belongs.

The code is posted here as a patch to Alsa:\~markrages/static/projects/gldriver

If anyone uses it, successfully or no, please email Mark Rages. I have the impression there are not too many of these cards around.

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