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You will have to find out the right options for the module snd-mpu401 to get your external midi working.

You can type modinfo snd-mpu401 to see the possible options for the module.

To try different options, use insmod snd-mpu401 <my-options>. If insmod doesn't work, type dmesg to get an error message which is more meaningful. (It should be at the end of the output of dmesg.)

For my onboard "Silicon Integrated Systems" soundcard, it works using insmod snd-mpu401 port=0x300 irq=-1 (0x300 and 0x330 are good guesses for the port option).

When it works, you should be able to see your soundcard with aconnectgui (or aconnect -i and aconnect -o).

There are some notes about the snd-mpu401 module in the explanation about 'How to get the MIDI-Port of the VIA8233 working', take a look at via8233-Via chipset.

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