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A little program to browse the parameter space of an alsa pcm device. Grab it here:\~tapas/wiki/index.php?pcm-config-test

It is useful to find out which samplerates, transport methods, etc., are supported by a device.

pcm-config-test --help

gives this little verbose help:

tapas@mango:~/tmp/pcm_config_test$ ./pcm_config_test --help

-- alsa-lib pcm device config tester v0.0.1 --
usage: pcm_config_test <pcm-device-name> [options] 

options are:
--samplerate-range x y
--periodsizes-range x y
--periodcounts-range x y

at least one of --capture and --playback is needed.
pcm device name must be the first argument!

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