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alsa rpms for redhat 9 :

For some newbies, rpms are the 'only' thing they can do without screwing up an install. Not quite at that low level (though close) I went ahead and got the rpm for ALSA Below is a bit of my dialog with the command line:

This is all that was required to get Soundblaster live 1024 running on my redhat8. There are so many variables to detail in any config or install I can't possibly detail them all so I'll just give the narrative of trial and error. It only took me 10 concerted minutes to install the drivers needed and that's including my 'error time'. Two rpms are required for my rh8 install for soundblaster live:

Install sndconfig first, then ALSA. I reversed that order as you'll see below

root: rpm -i alsa.rpm
/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.37726: line 2: sbin/insserv: No such file or directory
Updating etc/rc.config...
ERROR: fillup not found. This should not happen. Please compare
/etc/rc.config and /var/adm/fillup-templates/rc.config.alsa
and update manually.

just to be sure it installed:

root@dhcp-864-64 download]# rpm -qa alsa

So, what next I ask? The error message is a little more verbose than I'm used to ;)

so...I got the sndconfig.rpm which having read is what I need for redhat 8.

I installed that rpm after getting it from

root: rpm -i sndconfig-0.69-1.i386.rpm

so the next step is...

Well easy enough: I went to the gnome menu>system settings and clicked soundcard detection. Viola! easy as 1.2.3 the little sounds played... mp3s weren't working though with xmms so.... I did a search on xmms and Eureka! RH8 doesn't ship with an mp3 driver. This site fixed that in a hurry. Let the rocking in the linux world begin :)

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