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TeamSpeak 2 series are OSS-only and are currently not possible to be used simlutaneously with many games (e.g. Quake3) on sound cards without hardware mixing (is this true? Do soundcards with hardware mixing work with those games? Yes. You might need an additional tweak though. You need to disable the capture pcm stream for the OSS game you use. See the OssEmulation page for more docs on this. The reason for this is: Only one app can have the capture stream open. Either teamspeak or a game (even on soundcards that do hw mixing for _playback_). A command like this [for enemy territory] should work:

echo et.x86 0 0 disable > /proc/asound/card0/pcm0c/oss

should do the trick. The above command assumes that card0 is the desired sundcard)

Yes I am aware of this method and I have tried it (among many many other tips and tricks) but it doesn't work for my chipset - AC97, see below)

TeamSpeak 3 series is under heavy development and *maybe* it will have native ALSA support. Not that it will solve the problem of software mixing...

Note: This will at least solve the software mixing problem partly. Because a properly written alsa app should have no problem with using a dmix/dsnoop/asym device.. But the problem still is that many games/apps still have OSS support only.. Many times in a way not tweakable with aoss..

(So what would be the solution to this problem then? Is there any? This means ALSA doesn't fully support OSS through its OSS emulation code, right? Quote from the ALSA home page: "5. Support for the older OSS API, providing binary compatibility for most OSS programs." Does the ALSA project have plans here? Is there hope for times when I will be able to play Quake3 while chatting on TeamSpeak and listening to smooth jazz with xmms using the same card?)

Right now the answer to this is: Get a soundcard that does hw mixing [cheap sblive, cs46xx based cards, etc..] or a soundcard with more than one device, at least one combined p/c plus one playback only device [sb128 pci, most es1370/es1371 based cards]

Unfortunately this is a no-go for us, laptop users (Realtec AC97 chipset here: 0 [I82801DBICH4 ]: ICH - Intel 82801DB-ICH4)... if not buying an external soundcard - PCMCIA or USB. PCMCIA is far too expensive and USB is uncomfortable to carry and looks odd ;) - and I am not sure about the ALSA support there) so we are really eagerly waiting for a solution to this problem.

0-0/0: Realtek ALC202 rev 0

Capabilities     : -headphone out-
DAC resolution   : 20-bit
ADC resolution   : 18-bit
3D enhancement   : Realtek 3D Stereo Enhancement

I believe this is a very common chipset family in the laptops today...


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