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Note: Via does not produce sound cards - but their motherboard chip sets do provide an interface for audio chips mounted on the motherboard. See Sound Cards: Introduction for details.

Via Sound Card Interface

If your VIA sound card does not work, type at the terminal window:

lspci -nv | grep -1 0401

Then find your card below, and set the correct module DXS setting.

1 )Class 0401: 1106:3059 (rev 50)
   Subsystem: 15bd:1001
   Default module option for dxs_support works fine.
   If sound is not working, distorted, or not loud enough
   Set all 4 VIA DXS mixers to 100%.
   master mixer to 74%, pcm also to 74%

If your sound is distorted, mute the IEC958 channel.

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