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Hi, I was trying to get my Turtle Beach Maui Card running, but was not succesful. The Maui is a standalone wavetable isa board, that needs to be initialized with a firmware and then emulates a MPU401 interface. I got the card running in my windows 98 test and gaming system. Somebody got any hints?

What I tried until now:

Downloaded firmware: In this file there seems to be the firmware file (dos/OSWF.MOT). I processed this file with the flex program given in the documentation of the OSS kernel driver by Paul Barton Davis, as I assumed the processing needed is the same. You may find this in Documentation/sound/oss/Wavefront in the kernel sources. Copied here for you convenience:

^S[28].*\r$ printf ("%c%.*s", yyleng-1,yyleng-1,yytext);
<<EOF>> { fputc ('\0', stdout); return; }
\n {} 
.  {}

To use it, put the above in file (say, ws.l) compile it like this:

shell> flex -ows.c ws.l
shell> cc -o ws ws.c

and then use it like this:

ws < my-copy-of-the-oswf.mot-file > /etc/sound/wavefront.os

Then I tried to load the module with:

modprobe snd-wavefront ics2115_port=0x330 ics2115_irq=12 ospath=/etc/wavefront.os enable=1 wf_raw=1

I'm pretty sure the port is correct and the irq is set set via the io ports as far as I know. I've checked that the irq is free. I've got no /etc/sound, so I changed the path from the instructions above. To be sure I included the further options to enable the board and force firmware loading. All other options I left out, since i assumed these to specific to Tropez cards that have additional wave outputs.

What I got in dmesg output is:

pnp: the driver 'wavefront' has been registered
pnp: the driver 'wavefront' has been unregistered
No WaveFront cards found or devices busy

I think that I'm not far from the solution and therefore added this instruction. I hope somebody finds the missing part. Then lets add the output of modinfo:

/sbin/modinfo snd-wavefront
author:         Paul Barton-Davis <[email protected]>
description:    Turtle Beach Wavefront
license:        GPL
parm:           index:Index value for WaveFront soundcard.
parm:           id:ID string for WaveFront soundcard.
parm:           enable:Enable WaveFront soundcard.
parm:           isapnp:ISA PnP detection for WaveFront soundcards.
parm:           cs4232_pcm_port:Port # for CS4232 PCM interface.
parm:           cs4232_pcm_irq:IRQ # for CS4232 PCM interface.
parm:           dma1:DMA1 # for CS4232 PCM interface.
parm:           dma2:DMA2 # for CS4232 PCM interface.
parm:           cs4232_mpu_port:port # for CS4232 MPU-401 interface.
parm:           cs4232_mpu_irq:IRQ # for CS4232 MPU-401 interface.
parm:           ics2115_irq:IRQ # for ICS2115.
parm:           ics2115_port:Port # for ICS2115.
parm:           fm_port:FM port #.
parm:           use_cs4232_midi:Use CS4232 MPU-401 interface (inaccessibly located inside your computer)
parm:           wf_raw:if non-zero, assume that we need to boot the OS
parm:           fx_raw:if non-zero, assume that the FX process needs help
parm:           debug_default:debug parameters for card initialization
parm:           wait_usecs:how long to wait without sleeping, usecs
parm:           sleep_interval:how long to sleep when waiting for reply
parm:           sleep_tries:how many times to try sleeping during a wait
parm:           ospath:full pathname to processed ICS2115 OS firmware
parm:           reset_time:how long to wait for a reset to take effect
parm:           ramcheck_time:how many seconds to wait for the RAM test
parm:           osrun_time:how many seconds to wait for the ICS2115 OS
vermagic:       2.6.6 preempt 686 gcc-3.3
depends:        snd-cs4231-lib,snd-opl3-lib,snd-mpu401-uart,snd-rawmidi,snd-hwdep
alias:          pnp:cCSC7532dCSC0000dCSC0010dPnPb006dCSC0004*
alias:          pnp:cCSC7632dCSC0000dCSC0010dPnPb006dCSC0004*


Changed port address to eliminate chance of port conflict with other, yet unconfigured sound cards. Now the card is using port 0x260 according to Checked the reinserted card. Still the problem remains.

Thanks, Martin

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