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Hi, I was trying to get my Turtle Beach Maui Card running, but was not succesful. The Maui is a standalone wavetable isa board, that needs to be initialized with a firmware and then emulates a MPU401 interface. I got the card running in my windows 98 test and gaming system. Somebody got any hints?

What I tried until now:

Downloaded firmware: ftp://ftp.voyetra.com/pub/tbs/wavefrnt/wfsdk095.zip. In this file there seems to be the firmware file (dos/OSWF.MOT). I processed this file with the flex program given in the documentation of the OSS kernel driver by Paul Barton Davis, as I assumed the processing needed is the same. You may find this in Documentation/sound/oss/Wavefront in the kernel sources. Copied here for you convenience:

^S[28].*\r$ printf ("%c%.*s", yyleng-1,yyleng-1,yytext);
<<EOF>> { fputc ('\0', stdout); return; }
\n {} 
.  {}

To use it, put the above in file (say, ws.l) compile it like this:

shell> flex -ows.c ws.l
shell> cc -o ws ws.c

and then use it like this:

ws < my-copy-of-the-oswf.mot-file > /etc/sound/wavefront.os

Then I tried to load the module with:

modprobe snd-wavefront ics2115_port=0x330 ics2115_irq=12 ospath=/etc/wavefront.os enable=1 wf_raw=1

I'm pretty sure the port is correct and the irq is set set via the io ports as far as I know. I've checked that the irq is free. I've got no /etc/sound, so I changed the path from the instructions above. To be sure I included the further options to enable the board and force firmware loading. All other options I left out, since i assumed these to specific to Tropez cards that have additional wave outputs.

What I got in dmesg output is:

pnp: the driver 'wavefront' has been registered
pnp: the driver 'wavefront' has been unregistered
No WaveFront cards found or devices busy

I think that I'm not far from the solution and therefore added this instruction. I hope somebody finds the missing part. Then lets add the output of modinfo:

/sbin/modinfo snd-wavefront
author:         Paul Barton-Davis <pbd@op.net>
description:    Turtle Beach Wavefront
license:        GPL
parm:           index:Index value for WaveFront soundcard.
parm:           id:ID string for WaveFront soundcard.
parm:           enable:Enable WaveFront soundcard.
parm:           isapnp:ISA PnP detection for WaveFront soundcards.
parm:           cs4232_pcm_port:Port # for CS4232 PCM interface.
parm:           cs4232_pcm_irq:IRQ # for CS4232 PCM interface.
parm:           dma1:DMA1 # for CS4232 PCM interface.
parm:           dma2:DMA2 # for CS4232 PCM interface.
parm:           cs4232_mpu_port:port # for CS4232 MPU-401 interface.
parm:           cs4232_mpu_irq:IRQ # for CS4232 MPU-401 interface.
parm:           ics2115_irq:IRQ # for ICS2115.
parm:           ics2115_port:Port # for ICS2115.
parm:           fm_port:FM port #.
parm:           use_cs4232_midi:Use CS4232 MPU-401 interface (inaccessibly located inside your computer)
parm:           wf_raw:if non-zero, assume that we need to boot the OS
parm:           fx_raw:if non-zero, assume that the FX process needs help
parm:           debug_default:debug parameters for card initialization
parm:           wait_usecs:how long to wait without sleeping, usecs
parm:           sleep_interval:how long to sleep when waiting for reply
parm:           sleep_tries:how many times to try sleeping during a wait
parm:           ospath:full pathname to processed ICS2115 OS firmware
parm:           reset_time:how long to wait for a reset to take effect
parm:           ramcheck_time:how many seconds to wait for the RAM test
parm:           osrun_time:how many seconds to wait for the ICS2115 OS
vermagic:       2.6.6 preempt 686 gcc-3.3
depends:        snd-cs4231-lib,snd-opl3-lib,snd-mpu401-uart,snd-rawmidi,snd-hwdep
alias:          pnp:cCSC7532dCSC0000dCSC0010dPnPb006dCSC0004*
alias:          pnp:cCSC7632dCSC0000dCSC0010dPnPb006dCSC0004*


Changed port address to eliminate chance of port conflict with other, yet unconfigured sound cards. Now the card is using port 0x260 according to http://www.turtlebeach.com/site/kb_ftp/5603004.asp Checked the reinserted card. Still the problem remains.

Thanks, Martin

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