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A MIDI keyboard is a piano keyboard with special electronics for sending and receiving MIDI files. Recent MIDI keyboards have a sound quality as good as or better than mid-price grand pianos and upright pianos. Recent MIDI keyboards also have a weighted key mechanism which feels truly identical to the keys of a grand piano.

If you are considering which musical instrument to buy for making music, a MIDI keyboard is an excellent choice because

There are many different makes of MIDI keyboard: Yamaha, Roland, Korg, etc. It is best to get a MIDI keyboard with "weighted keys" that move and feel like real piano keys. The price range is USD 1000-3000. I personally prefer Yamaha Clavinovas and think the Yamaha CLP-170 Clavinova (at time of writing this in 2004) is equal in sound quality and touch to any mid-price grand piano -- a really excellent musical instrument!

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