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What is Rosegarden?

Rosegarden is a piece of software which helps you write music compositions either in standard Western musical notation or in a graph-like "matrix" layout of notes -- a piano-roll. Rosegarden has a MIDI sequencer and several different editors including a score editor. A unique aspect of Rosegarden, in contrast to most other music composition software, is that it is being created by an international collaboration of software developers who are continually publishing new versions of the software every day. Rosegarden runs on Linux (Rosegarden does not run in Windows) using the ALSA sound system so you need to have both Linux and ALSA installed first.

What can Rosegarden do?

Main features:

Other features:

How can I get Rosegarden?

Ready-to-run binaries for Linux are available for Rosegarden version 1.0 dated 14 February 2005. Please note that to get the most recent version you will have to download Rosegarden's source code using CVS and re-compile it yourself. See the page RosegardenCVS for more details.

There is no Windows or Mac version available, and the only way to run Rosegarden in Windows is by using "VMWare (TM)" or a similar virtualization environment.

Questions about Rosegarden:

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